Web Site Advertising and Fee Policy

The Utah Chiefs of Police Association maintains a Web site for the use of and promotion of law enforcement related material for the use of all members of the association.  In addition vendors, sponsors, and law enforcement training is encouraged to utilize the Web page to disseminate information and products which may be of value to our Chiefs and their department personnel.

Criteria for Web site use:

  1.  Use of the Web site must be law enforcement related.
  2. All information submitted for use on the Web site will be vetted by the Web site manager  or the Association Executive Director for content.

Web site cost:

  1. Members of the Association will be provided space on the Web site at no cost with regard to position openings that are for lieutenant rank and higher.  In addition positions related to administrative assistant may be submitted.

    Training notifications that are directly related to a specific department, or sponsored by a department may be submitted by the department head at no charge.  This to include any committees that the Association is directly involved.
  2. Non-profit, State, or Federal requests for Web site dissemination of training will be at no charge, providing that information is submitted by an authorized agent of that organization.  For-profit vendors or outside training organizations may be accepted but will be subject to charge as outlined in this policy.
  3. Sponsorship levels Platinum through Gold will be provided Web page access as outlined in the “Sponsorship and Levels Information” for one year as adopted by the Utah Chiefs of Police Association.
  4. Organizations which are for-profit requesting ads or training on the Web site will submit content to the Web site manager 10 days prior to desired dissemination of information. 
    • Banner Ads – $700 per year/ 200X200 pixels
    • Banner Ad one time (30 days) – $100 per ad
    • Training information and dissemination – $500 per year
    • Training information and dissemination one time (30 days) – $75.00 per submittal
    • Non-Utah agencies posting of law enforcement Chief openings – No Cost

Web page requests should be submitted to the following:

Val Shupe – Executive Director